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Privacy Notice

Your information will allow us to visit all parts of our site and provide the goods or services you need. It also allows us to make a payment and contact you if your order is needed. In particular, we use and analyze the information collected to manage, support, improve and grow our business. Do not worry, please! Our website appreciates your privacy. No sharing and sale of data to third parties with absolute confidentiality. Satisfaction is our hope.

We may use your personal information, including:
1. Manage websites.
Two. Improve the visual and visual experience of your website.
Three. Fill your order
April Providing information and news, new services and offers or special promotions may interest the site (you can also post messages to keep in touch with you.)

May We do not sell or share your personal information with others.

In order to provide the best services to our customers, our website regularly sends special offers and discounts via e-mail. You can cancel your email at any time by sending an email.

When you use our site, we collect, store and use the following information and data:

1. Information about your computer and your visit to this site, such as your IP address, location, type of browser, date and time and offers a view aquí.Cuando allow customers to access this site via a web browser, our server automatically save information.

2 registration or order on this site, you can choose according to the terms of the policy, the use and transfer of information. So when you visit, sign up or ask to see the product offering, including information about your name, contact information and credit or debit card.

3. You may collect information about your use of our website, as well as information about you, e-mails and the web pages that were sent to us. In order to maintain customer service standards and assist with employee training, we can record and monitor incoming calls.

This privacy policy provides you with all the personal information we collect about you and how we use it to search for words. If you want to know more or have any questions, please contact us.

We will inform you:
• The information we collect on this site
Who collects information?
How to use others
• We will contact you to find your way
• Who can find information
• How can we make sure your data is secure?
• What you can do to stop using us

What information do we collect?
When registering or ordering a gift card online:
• Name
• E-mail adress
• Address and delivery address
• Phone

• Credit or debit card. • We accept our terms and conditions

With this information, it is easier to create the websites we use.

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