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Shipping & Returns

Order with DHL delivery. Parents in your area can be provided through a local courier company.

We express our events with your details that you do not give, although we recommend that if you do not know where you will be delivered to your door, you will be the address of delivery, the working address for the normal delivery time is 8:00 to 18:00

If you are in desperate need of a project, contact us and we may be able to offer you a faster shipping offer.

Cancellation Policy
The goods order may be interrupted for as long as its original form is returned within 7 days. If the goods were delivered, the delivery charges are not refundable and your services will be retained until they reach us.

The cost of the item will return to us and will also be responsible. Please send us an email with the order number and payment reason. You must accept the product (own costs and risks) returned to us under the same conditions. You need to take over the product and take care of the organization's legal obligations. If you do not, we can claim you. We will return your refund as soon as possible within 28 days, which will happen to you today.

Return policy
The order within one month will automatically receive a 30-day extension of the return policy rather than the usual 14-day rule.

Any comments about ordering our products or our thanks. Our customer service can be contacted by e-mail. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, replace or return the returned item within 14 days of the date of dispatch.

There is no reason to return the connector is not suitable for our project.

* Please fill in your order, including the profit and loss statement, replace or refund or refund type. In other words, the project is not qualified / inappropriate.

If you have lost it, please send us an email explaining your reason.

• Project (s) is your responsibility until it reaches our warehouse. Therefore, make sure that the security and traceability of any method used, such as EMS Registration / Package, is designed and maintained postage. Make sure your package is insured and prepaid.

• The product must be returned correctly with the original product packaging, otherwise it will not be accepted

• All returns (including product packaging) must be returned (if they are not) to the new sales status. The shoe bag can not be damaged.

• This product should not be used to pack a bag. It's a boot box.

• We will reply to your return e-mail.

• Please note that refunds are purchased as gift products only by debit or credit card holders (initial fee).

• If you have any questions, please provide your account with the link to your order, all links to the order link.

• Product returns, if you do not meet these conditions, will be returned.

• If it is a fraudulent transaction, the refund will be made after the investigation is complete.

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